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Witching Hour Snow Globe | Lisa Parker

Witching Hour Snow Globe | Lisa Parker

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This enchanting Snow globe comes from the magical imagination of globally renowned wildlife and Fantasy artist Lisa Parker.

Resting on some leather-bound occult books on top of a section of wooden table, this black cat reclines, tail curled up inquisitively as it looks up at you.

A curled scroll lies on the table next to a candlestick, almost burnt down to the nub, the flickering flame burning merrily.

The base of the Snow globe is seemingly made of wood, with a band of a golden Celtic design on red.

A book lies open with a quill in an ink pot in front of it, showing a poem about the magic of the witching hour.

Lisa Parker's imagination brings this piece to life, giving any space the air of mystical study.

When shaken, red glitter falls down slowly over the cat, enhancing the magical and calming effect.

  • Materials - Resin and Glass
  • Dimensions - H11 cm
  • Vendor - Nemesis Now
  • Code - B3651J7

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