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Kim Haskins

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    Kim Haskins is a contemporary British artist known for her vibrant and whimsical paintings of cats. Born in 1971, Haskins grew up with a love for animals and art, which eventually led her to pursue a career as an artist specializing in feline-themed artwork.

    Haskins' distinctive style is characterized by its bold colours, playful compositions, and expressive portrayal of cats. Her paintings often feature whimsical scenes of cats lounging, playing, or engaging in mischievous antics, capturing the charm and personality of these beloved pets.

    Haskins' artwork has gained widespread popularity both in the UK and internationally, with her vibrant and whimsical paintings appealing to cat lovers of all ages. Her paintings have been featured in numerous exhibitions, galleries, and art fairs, as well as on merchandise such as prints, greeting cards, and calendars.

    In addition to her paintings, Haskins is also an accomplished illustrator and has collaborated with various companies and brands to create cat-themed designs for products ranging from stationery to home décor.

    Haskins' love for cats and her unique artistic vision have earned her a dedicated following and established her as a leading figure in contemporary cat art. Her playful and vibrant paintings continue to bring joy and laughter to cat lovers around the world, celebrating the special bond between humans and their feline companions.

    16 products
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