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Elvis Presley

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    Elvis Presley, often referred to as the "King of Rock and Roll," was an American singer, actor, and cultural icon who rose to fame in the mid-1950s. Born in Tupelo, Mississippi, in 1935, Presley's fusion of rockabilly, blues, and country music revolutionized popular music and became the cornerstone of the rock and roll genre. With his charismatic stage presence, electrifying performances, and hits like "Heartbreak Hotel," "Hound Dog," and "Jailhouse Rock," Elvis became one of the most influential and best-selling music artists of all time. He starred in numerous successful films and made history with his televised appearances, including his iconic 1968 "comeback" special. Despite his untimely death in 1977, Elvis's impact on music and culture endures, shaping the landscape of popular music and inspiring generations of artists worldwide.
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