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Meet The Team Behind PLANET MERCH®

The Devil In The Details

Kimberly - Co-founder & Final Fantasy Fiend

Too Ghoul For School

Mark - Co-founder & Death Guard Disciple

The Unicorn Belle

Isabella - Product Tester #1 & True Believer

The Dinosaur In The Rough

Kaiden - Product Tester #2 & Part-time Palaeontologist

Hero Builder

Malachi - Product Tester #3 & Dream Maker

Dark Lord Of The Crib

Dante - Product Tester #4 & Darkside Destroyer

After making the crazy decision to have four children and having to deal with all the joy and torment that comes with them, we noticed something. Our children and their friends were having birthday parties so much that it felt like we were going to one nearly every week. These parties tended to have one thing in common, they had a theme. Whether it be unicorns, dinosaurs, superheroes or princesses, there was more often than not something magical or fantastical that the children loved. Then the cogs started to turn that if our children and their friends are doing this, then surely every child across the country is doing this.

So we decided to make another crazy decision. Let's start our own business, a business selling anything and everything you could possibly need for a children's party. So we found products we fell in love with and the suppliers to provide them. Whilst we were doing this we discovered that even as adults we still had a great affinity for the magical and fantastical themes that children loved. Be it nostalgia or the yearning of our inner child, we came to realise that this could be so much more than just children's parties in the future.

Then only a few months into our endeavour the pandemic struck, children's parties stopped overnight and so did our business. We struggled as best we could all whilst trying to deal with home schooling 3 children and the force of nature that is Dante. During this time we adapted by bringing you more and more of not only the things we love, but the things that you, your friends, your family and your children love. We won't lie, it was hard, really hard... but we didn't give up although there were plenty of times it felt like the only option. We've slowly been increasing our range of products throughout this challenging time. Now with the pressures of the pandemic easing we want to continue this trend and are doing so by now bringing you officially licensed merchandise as well as more of the extensive range of products we already had. We also hope to have you become a valued customer who will love our products as much as we love them ourselves.

Kimberly & Mark

Founders of Planet Merch®