Your Guide to Christmas Delivery: What You Need to Know

Dec 6, 2023by Mark Gordon

🎄🚚 Important Christmas Delivery Info! 🚚🎄

Hey awesome customers,

We hope this message finds you in high festive spirits! 🎅✨ We're reaching out with some insider info on our Christmas delivery dates, so grab a cup of cocoa and read on!

1. 🌟 'In Stock' Items: If you've got your eye on something that's ready to roll and marked 'In Stock', make sure to hit that order button by the 18th of December. This ensures our elves, ahem, delivery team, have enough time to work their magic and get it to your doorstep before the big day!

2. 🚚 'Order In' Items: Now, if your heart is set on something labeled 'Order In', the deadline is a tad earlier – 11th of December to be exact. This gives our suppliers the head start they need to send us the goods and make sure it's nestled under your tree in time.

🌲**Quick Reminder:**🌲 Orders with a mix of availability (In Stock, Order In, Pre-Order, you name it) will be wrapped up and shipped together once everything is ready for the grand dispatch. But hey, if patience isn't your strong suit, and you want your 'In Stock' goodies pronto, it's a good call to place a separate order.

🔔**Important Note:**🔔 If you've already got a mixed bag of items in one order and want to speed things up, shoot us a message on Shopify chat or email us at We'll do our best to sprinkle some magic and split your order. Keep in mind, this might bring along some extra shipping costs – we promise it's not us trying to be grinches; it's just the way the sleigh rides sometimes.

Now, we're committed to spreading joy and making sure your goodies reach you, even if it's fashionably close to the festivities. But, fair warning, after the mentioned deadlines, it's a bit like Santa on Christmas Eve – no guarantees.

Thanks a million for choosing us for your festive haul! 🎁✨ We can't wait to be part of your holiday cheer.

Warm wishes and happy holidays, The Planet Merch Team 🌍🎄

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