Royal Mail Strikes

by Mark Gordon

Unfortunately, due to the strike action taken by CWU members at Royal Mail there will be occasional delays in some of our deliveries on these days. We're doing everything we can to keep things going as smoothly as possible at our end, so the delays are as minimal as possible. Fortunately, at this moment in time the strikes seem to be taking place on single days so it appears that there will only be a delay of one day when they are taking place.

We will continue to use Royal Mail during this time as we believe them to be the best courier for our business. The reason I say this is that before the start of this year we used other couriers. We went for options that were cheaper and meant to be quicker, as we tried to give you the best prices and service. Oh, how wrong a choice that proved to be.

The level of care that was taken with these fragile items was minimal if not non-existent. As a quick comparison for you when we used these other couriers, we were having at least 3 breakages a week as well as missing parcels. With Royal Mail we've had 3 breakages in the entire 9 months we've been using them and not one missing parcel and we send out a lot of parcels. That is really something considering how fragile most of the items are that we send. We've not packed our parcels any differently; the items inside are bubble wrapped and then boxed, as you'd expect with fragile items. The difference here is the quality of the service they provide; this is important to us.

In conclusion there will be some short delays when there are strikes but between our packing and Royal Mail's delivery capabilities, you're very likely to receive your order without an issue. Our standard delivery is still Tracked 48 so your order will still arrive rapidly. Just please be aware that our express delivery (Tracked 24) may not arrive as quickly as expected.

Should you have any questions in regard to our delivery process or your order, use the Contact Us page and we'll do everything by The Power of Grayskull to help.