Merch For The Masses

by Kimberly Scott

We've been away for a while, quite a while. So long that you may have thought that we were gone forever and forgot what we looked like, but we've been hard at work...

Well a lot has changed since you last saw us and we'd be surprised if you recognise us in our new get up. There's a new logo, new website and web address, new products and a new direction all based on the ethos 'Merch For The Masses'.

With this in mind our tree has had a growth spurt and we've branched out from our usual selection of products you remember us for. Now, you can get your hands on some of the finest merchandise of household names and even some obscure ones. We're proud to be able to offer you merchandise from the likes of Harry Potter, Iron Maiden, Batman, Assassin's Creed and many, many more.

On top of all this you also be able to acquire yourself a masterpiece for your home with our expanded selection of artwork. Like before, pieces from Anne Stokes and Lisa Parker will be available but now in more variation and larger quantities. These fantastic artists will now be joined by the likes of Nene Thomas, James Ryman, Kim Haskins and Spiral, all bringing you an even greater selection of fantasy, gothic and animal artwork.

For those of you fretting over still being able to get the same types of products we offered before, they're all still there and then some. It's not just unicorns, dragons and fairies anymore, there's gargoyles, reapers, sci-fi, pirates and steampunk themes just to name a few. Not only are we bringing you more, there's so much more to choose from and we'll keep bringing you more and more as time goes on.

Then to top it all off we've created a reward scheme, you lucky devils. It's point based, we like to call them Planet Points and they can be used to get great savings on your next order. They're easy to get hold of too. Simply sign up and get 100 Planet Points straight away. From there on you'll be able to obtain more by following us on social media, referring friends, making purchases and even for your birthday, simple.

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself signed up and delve into the terrestrial treasures that Planet Merch has to offer.

Merch For The Masses!


Kimberly & Mark

Founders of Planet Merch®