Lord Of The Rings Merch - Coming Soon!

Feb 13, 2022by Mark Gordon

You can not hide, I see you! There is no life after me. Only death!


It's coming and it won't be long now, officially licensed merchandise from The Lord of the Rings franchise created by Nemesis Now.


Relive the days of adventure whether that be by the book or the screen, only this time you can enjoy it with a choice of tankards, goblets or even hobbit shot glasses. Yes you read it correctly, hobbit shot glasses! There will be 14 great products to pick from. With tankards and goblets themed by Frodo, Rivendell and Aragorn, as well as a rather special Fellowship tankard.

Yet we can not forget the great Maiar who started it all, your necromancer and mine, the Lord of Mordor, Sauron. Also with his own tankard and goblet both designed on his physical form as well as "The Eye", there's more! Some say it's been exquisitely designed by man, sculptured intricately by the hands of hobbits and cast within the great dwarven forges in the finest of elvish resin. A fantastically crafted and hand painted bust standing at a whopping 39cm. It's sure to be the centre piece of any display.

Just to top it all off there's a selection of snow globes too. With Frodo and Sauron being given the treatment as well as the great Treebeard of Middle Earth.


Watch this space as Lord of the Rings merchandise will be landing soon on Planet Merch.

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