Introducing... Available to Order

by Kimberly Scott

"So Available to Order, what is this?" I hear you cry.

Well in a nutshell we don't have them but we can order them for you.

So let me break it down in a bit more detail so there are no surprises before you order one of these items.

  • You make an order, we take your money
  • With that money we order from our supplier(s)
  • Our supplier sends us your order
  • We check your order and then send it to you

Now for the honesty policy and in-depth details. Depending on when you make an order may determine how long you have to wait for your order to arrive. We will usually make an order with our suppliers at the start of the week and this is when we'll make your order. For example if you order these items on a Wednesday it may take longer than ordering on a Sunday. Also when we order at the start of the week our suppliers can normally deliver to us by the end of the week. This is dependant on their workload, especially this time of year and this is why we're advising to order these items early for Christmas. Once we've received the order we give it all a good quality control check and get it sent out to you, usually that same day. It may take a little longer for you to receive them but you can get them at our prices and with our Planet Points as long as you don't mind waiting a little bit.

To get this started we're offering 10% OFF ALL ITEMS currently included in the Available to Order collection. This does include officially licensed merch from Harry Potter, Iron Maiden, Batman and many, many more. As well as home décor and homeware from artists Anne Stokes, Lisa Parker, Luna Lakota and more. As time goes on we'll be adding even more items to this collection.


PLEASE NOTE: Should you wish to obtain any of these items for Christmas you'll need to order them by Monday 13th December as we can not guarantee delivery in time after this date. In stock items will not be affected by this timescale.