Black Friday

by Mark Gordon

So Black Friday (or Black November pretty much nowadays) is here once again.

This season, I'ave mostly been eating... sorry that's something completely different.

This pre-emptive Christmas sales period we are offering all of you lovelies a 10% discount even if the products have already been discounted. There's plenty of opportunity to make some massive savings. We'll be chopping and changing our SALE items on a regular basis from now until November 30th. So, keep your eyes peeled and act quickly as what may be there today may be gone tomorrow as they say.

Now for the catch, you have to make a minimum £50 purchase (which will give you FREE shipping by the way) and that's it.

As well as this, those of you lucky enough to have an account with us be prepared to blast your Black Friday that much more. We're giving Double Planet Points to every purchase no matter how small from now until November 30th.

For the thrill seekers amongst you looking to take it that much farther we're giving TRIPLE Planet Points for all £100+ purchases. These Planet Points can then be used to make even further savings on more great purchases in the future.

Don't have an account with us yet? Get one here.

Happy Trails